The Productivity Book:

 30 Professionals Talk About Their Time Management


At Doodle, we know that productivity isn’t how much you’re doing; it’s how much you get done. So, we spoke with 30 professionals to figure out just how they do it. The result: The Doodle Productivity Book! It can’t make more hours in the day. But it will give you a valuable insight into the minds of the productivity and time management experts who have overcome the hurdles we face on a daily basis. So, you can work smarter, and not harder. Filled with useful tips, personal histories and sound advice, this book is a fresh examination of the habits that shape us, and how others have managed to break free of them.

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About the author

  • Michael Brecht

    Michael Brecht
    has been working for many years with thousands of productive people around the globe. He started collecting his first notes on productivity while living with his family in rural Australia, and intensified his work with international experts while traveling the world as the CEO of Doodle.

  • He is a serial entrepreneur and has worked for more than twenty years in IT and Digital Media, holding international leadership positions in both Europe and Australasia. His experience ranges from founding start-ups to various exits with multi-national corporates and their subsequent integration. He is interested in the topics of digital transformation and innovative team leadership—with a particular focus on international growth.
  • Compiled by the author over the years, this book shares the invaluable advice of the world’s top productivity experts.



The Productivity Book

30 Professionals Talk About Their Time Management


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available on AmazonBUY NOW!